Graphic Design

Logo & Brand Identity

Whatever your business, and whatever message, your logo is your first and most important point of contact with the world. You need a memorable logo to represent yourself.

Your logo needs to be as unique as you are.

Graphic Design

Brand Identity

A brand is so much more than a logo, from business cards to invoices and every point of contact in between. Have a logo already but realize you don't know how to use it? Steven can design a style guide (which you also get if you start from scratch) that will flesh out your brand and ensure it's professionally handled wherever you take it. You'll also get designs for any print and digital materials you need.

Graphic Art & Design

Apparel Artwork

People are the best billboard, especially people who will proudly wear your brand. Having interesting and exciting apparel designs is a shortcut to getting your name onto peoples chests and into their hearts.

That last line was cheesy, but my design work isn't.

Digital Art

Portrait Series

A study in shape and color, this series pairs soft features with hard lines and explores how the mind interprets what it sees and fills in information it expects.

This series is still being added to and is open for commission. If you would like to request a portrait, you can do so here.

This portfolio page is still very much under construction.
More sweet designs to come.

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