My Creation Myth

color explosion

Creation is more of an outburst than a process. Learning to direct the flow of creativity is what takes time and talent. So many times I’ve wanted to scream, knowing there are emotions in my chest begging to get out but completely lacking outlet. Tears that have eventually been my only form of expression. Creation is a beautiful instant to experience, but a painful destination to get to. The moment of arrival, all that is inside you finding its essence made real in the tangible world, is breathtaking.

But that’s all it is. A moment, and instant. It’s a flash of the most brilliant light, leaving you blind until your eyes can slowly re-accumulate. You can sometimes spend what feels like a lifetime in peaceful stillness after that moment of creative expression, knowing you have achieved the high every artist spends their life chasing, reflecting on the internal struggle of using your imperfect tools to try to come as close to the Idea that drives you. Eventually, hunger will become louder than your bliss, or a responsibility, or the buzz of new ideas in your head.

Learning to sit and appreciate creativity, to find the peace you experience when you make art, and sit in its presence. That is the goal, the dream, the destination. Living as art is the ultimate form of art, and is the thing all creatives chase.

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