Ideas as art to the artist

graffiti on trash can

You know what’s beautiful? The idea of a blank piece of paper. There is unlimited potential poured into it by its viewer, by the person who holds the idea of it in their mind. There is nothing on it, nothing that elevates it above any other piece of paper. But the idea of that piece of paper, that is infinite. It doesn’t stop there. A blank piece of paper, a primed wall, stretched canvas, sanded metal. A derelict garbage bin. Anything has the capacity to contain the entirety of every person’s imagination.

Finished art is a beautiful thing, for its ability to communicate, to move, and to create a connection between artist and audience. But art that hasn’t been started yet is just as beautiful, an unspoken conversation between artist and medium. Everything the artist could ever create, right there on paper inside the mind of its creator.

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