Art and Design

Creativity doesn't have boundaries, so I don't limit myself to one or the other. Art and Design should overlap and strengthen each other, allowing me to end up with a better piece, regardless of what I'm making. It's creative teamwork with two parts of my brain.



Check out my work.



Check out my work.


Who am I?

I have no idea. I create to turn ideas into tangible things because that is how I learn about myself. I can't turn ideas into words, really. They have to be tangible to do them justice. That's what drives me, is pulling something out of my brain and being able to hold it in my hands. It's an incredible feeling.

When someone asks me what my favorite kind of art is, I answer, "Whichever one I'm doing." And I really mean it. Creativity is about expressing yourself. The medium is just the way I happen to be doing that.

I have a Linkedin and a Behance you can take a look at.  Itry to keep them pretty updated, though most of the content is going to be pulled off of this website. Definitely look around here first.

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